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How Do I Login To My Company's Spinify Account?


Spinify is a solution to build and run motivating Competitions in which you've been invited to participate.

Let's get you set up so that you can show off your best in these competitions, as well as get access to your own personal view of them.

Setup Your User

When invited, you'll receive a welcome/verification email.  

This email will have the subject: "Welcome to Spinify".

Non-Salesforce Users

If you aren't using Salesforce, then this email will have a link/button for you to Set Up Your Account.

This is a one-time-use link.  It will send you through our authentication process, where you'll need to provide a password for your account. 
After your password is set you will be prompted for your phone number so that you can download the mobile app.

Salesforce Users

If you've been invited by your Salesforce Admin, you will be able to login to Spinify using Salesforce.com SSO - meaning it'll connect to your Salesforce account to verify and log you in.

After pressing the Setup Your Account button, you'll be a verified user and prompted for your phone number to download the mobile app.
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