How to Uninstall the Spinify Salesforce App

**PLEASE NOTE - You must have Salesforce Administrator privileges on your account to perform this action.

Warning - once you remove the Spinify app from Salesforce, you will no longer sync data from Salesforce to Spinify and your users will no longer have access to view Spinify data within Salesforce.

  1. Remove any Spinify lightning components you have added to page layouts.
  2. Follow the Salesforce instructions on uninstalling packages:
  3. Spinify syncs once a minute, if the sync is in progress you may receive an error when uninstalling that the app is in use.  You can either try uninstalling this again (the sync takes just a few seconds to to run).  

If this continues to be an issue in your account, you can manually remove the scheduled tasks for the sync. 

  • In Salesforce go to Setup -> Monitor -> Jobs -> Scheduled Jobs
  • Then press "Del" for every Scheduled Job that starts with "Spinify".

There will be 10 tasks titled "Spinify Tasks - XX" where XX will be a number. Simply delete these tasks and then repeat step 2.

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