Syncing Salesforce records

Once you have connected Salesforce to your Spinify account and setup your usersyou will most definetly want to get into creating some leaderboards. You can go ahead and create some leaderboards straight away but you may notice that there isn't any scores on your new leaderboards immediately.

If this is the case, you can go to the Spinify app that you installed in Salesforce and click on the "Spinify Setup" tab. From here you can see in the "Current Status" box, the total number of pending records to sync. This will tell you how many records will need to sync before your leaderboards will have all of their data.

Note: If you want to create a leaderboard that starts in the past using your Salesforce integration, it can only be a date that is a maximum of 90 days before you setup your Spinify integration with your Salesforce account.

If you want more detail so that you can start creating some specific leaderboards you click on "Setup Sync" to see the specific objects and the amount of records in their Que to sync.

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