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How To Get Sounds

There are lots of excellent websites out there that offer sound effects to download. Some are for free, while others require payment. We suggest you try one of the websites below to find a sound that's just right for you:



How To Make Sounds Smaller in Size

In MySpinify you can upload sound files that are up to 3MB in size. If your sound is larger than this, we recommend the following steps to make it smaller:

🎛️Convert file to MP3 

If your sound file isn't an MP3 format, it's easy to convert it. One way is by using an online converter such as OnlineVideoConverter. Simply upload your file and follow the prompts to convert your sound file to an MP3 format.

🎵Compress your MP3

Once you've made sure that your sound file is an MP3 you can make it even smaller by compressing it. Again, there are online tools that allow you to do this. For example, MP3Smaller. Upload your file and choose the file size to compress down to.

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