If you can't get sounds to play from your TV we recommend the following steps:

TV Settings

  • Ensure the TV is not muted by testing another audio source (for example YouTube)

Browser Settings

  • Ensure your browser version is up to date
  • If using Chrome, a recent release has required interaction with the page to play sound. To reduce the need to do this you can set a Chrome flag to change this:
  1. In the browser go to: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy
  2. Change the Auto Play Policy to: "No user gesture is required."

Using Chromecast or Chromebit?

  • Ensure the Chromecast or Chromebit are up to date
  • Restart or unplug the device to restart it.
  • Turn the TV off then on again

Announcement for Achievement set to User's Achievement Sound?

  • Sounds will not play for any users that have not uploaded a custom sound
  • Ensure all your users have a custom sound uploaded by following the steps in this article

Still Having Trouble?

If you're still having trouble with sounds the team at Spinify are more then happy to help you. Jump on our website and someone with be there to chat with you.

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