Spinify provides a leaderboard solution to motivate any activity-based employee to do more. We apply gamification principles and motivational psychology to leaderboards to encourage all your workers to greater productivity in a fun work environment. Spinify is the fastest, easiest-to-setup solution for leaderboards. Managers retain control of the mechanics: they can generate messages to keep the office up to date with events, spur motivation and celebrate milestones and wins with the whole team. 

Spinify is a platform designed to help you to to set up leaderboards in minutes, and provides a variety of levers to tailor the data for specific business outcomes.

You choose the metrics you want your reps to improve on, and Spinify drives the change. The leaderboards are displayed in a browser, on the office TV or on a mobile app. 

Spinify pulls leaderboard data from a number of popular data apps. Our platform currently supports data integrations from Salesforce, Slack, Google Sheets, MyDesktop, and more.

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