Displaying Google Slides on your TV


This help article will show you how to display your google slides on your TV.

Google Slides

Once you have the URL, you will need to create a new Web Screen and then add that to the channel being shown on your TV.

1 ) Create Google Slides

If you are not familiar with Google slides check out googles Get started with Slides.

2 ) Get the Publish URL 

You are able to publish a Google Slide to be added to your channel.  Follow the instructions from Publish Slides on how to generate the public URL. 

Be sure to use the following settings

  • Get the Embed URL not the link URL. When on the embed tab you will need to copy the url from the SRC tag (see image below)
  • Make sure "Auto play is on"
  • Choose how long each slide should show for.  The message time will then be the calculated by the slide duration * the number of slides.

3 ) Create Web Screen

  • From the left hand menu click "Announcements" then click "Messages"
  • Click the "Add Message" button at the top right of the page
  • Click the box that says "Web"
  • Enter a Title for your Web Screen
  • Add the publish URL from step ( 2 )
  • Set the duration from step ( 2 )
  • Add the Web Screen to any channels you would like to see it on

Note: if you have not created any channels check out TV Channels help article.

  • Click 'Create Web Screen'

Now your new Google Slides screen is all ready to view on your TV

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