Displaying Google Slides on your TV


The Web Screen allows you to show an HTML page in any of your channels. You are able to display a Google Slidedeck on your TV. You can set this up by following the instructions below:

1 ) Create Google Slides

If you are not familiar with Google slides, see: Get started with Slides.

2 ) Get the Publish URL 

You'll then need to make your Google Slide publically accessible. You can refer to Google's help article, here, for further information.

3 ) Create a Web Screen

  • Log into your MySpinify account
  • From the left-hand menu click "Announcements" then click "Messages"
  • Next, click Create Message, and select the "Web" Message type
  • Enter a Title for your Web Screen and add the publish URL.
  • Set the duration that you would like to display the Slide.
  • Then, add the Web Screen to any channels you would like to see it on
  • Click 'Create Web Screen'

Now your new Google Slides screen is all ready to view on your TV

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