Create A Leaderboard From MyDesktop Sale Detail Reports

This help article shows you how to quickly get your MyDesktop Contracts Report into Spinify Leaderboards.

  1. Login to MyDesktop
  2. Click 'Financial' in the top menu
  3. Click Contracts Report
  4. Here you can choose the Month you want the data as well as some other extra options
  5. Once you have your desired settings selected simply press 'Generate Contracts Report'

Now you will have a nice report with the data for the month you have chosen and you can use it in several different ways in Spinify. 

Option 1

The simplest method is to choose the columns that have the data you want and use them as the scores for a Local scores leaderboard. If you have not created a local scores leaderboard yet check out this simple help article - Spinify Local Scores.

Option 2

The second option is to use Spinify's Google Sheet integration. If you have not integrated google sheets yet then follow this help article to get integrated first - How To Integrate Spinify with Google Sheets

Next you will want to create a google sheet or open an existing google sheet that you are using for a Leaderboard. Now copy the data from the report that you want (you can copy all the data into the google sheet and then choose the column you want to use in MySpinify). Make sure the column names are in the first row so that you can use them in MySpinify when creating the leaderboard. Here is a helpful doc on How To Setup Google Sheets for Spinify Leaderboards.

Now you can go ahead and create a leaderboard.

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