Connect Hubspot CRM with Zapier


For Hubspot zaps you can track your Deals as they progress through various stages of your sales pipeline. Depending on your use case, you can create one Zap just to keep track of ClosedWon deals in your Sales pipeline, or you can create several Zaps to track your deals as they progress through all the stages of your pipeline.

Get Your Hubspot User Ids

  • In your hubspot account, click the settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, click Properties
  • Under the Contacts tab, search for and select the Contact owner property
  • Scroll to the Dropdown options section to see the internal value for each property option

Once you have all your hubspot user ids, contact Spinify Support via chat and send them to us along with their corresponding email addresses for their account in Spinify. 

Then we'll map your Hubspot users user ids to their Spinify users for you.


To Sync Deals

  • New Deal in Stage

Setup Steps - Trigger

First let's create a new zap in Zapier. Log in to Zapier and click 'Add Zap'

Then, choose HubSpot CRM for the trigger app. Then select the new deal in stage trigger - this will push deals into the system when a deal reaches a particular stage (like Closed Won).  

Next connect your HubSpot account and click Save + Continue

Next, select the pipeline and stage of the deals you'd like to sync over into Spinify. Once you're happy with the settings, click Continue.


Pull in a sample Deal, and select Continue.

Setup Steps - Format the Timestamps

Before you add an action step, we'll need to add some formatters to get the data ready to send into Spinify.

First, choose the 'Formatter' app. Select Date / TIme.
On the Set up Formatter page, select 'Format' on the 'Transform' drop down menu.


For 'input', select "Properties Dealstage Timestamp"

For 'to format' select the YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ option.

Finally, for 'From Timezone' select your local timezone.

Then click continue, test your formatter, and click finish.

Next, rename this formatter step to 'Last Updated' by clicking the "..." button and selecting Rename in the top right corner of the step. See below:


Now, add two more formatter steps:

  • The first time do as above except for input select "Properties Createdate Timestamp" and rename the step to 'CreatedAt'
  • The second time do as above except for input select "Properties Closedate Timestamp" and rename the step to 'CompletedAt'

Configure the Spinify action step

Now that you've formatted the timestamps on your hubspot deals, it's time to configure the action step for Spinify.

  • Click 'Add a step'
  • Select 'Action/Search'
  • Select 'Spinify'
  • Select 'Create or Update Deal'
  • Connect your Spinify account by copy / pasting your API key from Spinify (your api key can be found by logging into spinify -> settings -> integrations -> and clicking connect on Zapier) and clicking Yes,Continue

Now it's time to setup your Spinify Deal. Not all fields are required. Here's how to fill in your required fields:

  • For Object ID, select New Deal In Stage -> Deal Id
  • For Name, select New Deal In Stage -> Properties Dealname Value
  • For Owner, select New Deal In Stage -> Properties Hubspot Owner Id Source Id
  • For Type, anything can be entered but it must be supplied a value. If you aren't sure, enter 'Hubspot Deal', otherwise you can use this later to create advanced filters for your leaderboard.
  • For Amount, select New Deal In Stage -> Properties Amount Value
  • For IsClosed, either select Yes (for closed deals) or No (only if you're trying to track open deals)
  • For IsWon, select Yes (if your zap is for won deals) or no (only if you're trying to track deals that haven't been won yet)
  • For SalesStage, select New Deal In Stage -> Properties Dealstage Value
  • For Last Updated, select your Last Updated formatter step -> Properties Dealstage Timestamp
  • For Close Date, select your CompletedAt formatter step -> Properties Closedate Timestamp
  • For Created At, select your Created At formatter step -> Properties Createdate Timestamp

Fill in any optional fields as required. Once finished, click 'Continue'

Review your mapping of the sample, and click 'Send Test To Spinify'

Once complete, save and turn on your Zap.

Setup Complete

Once you have completed setting up your Zaps your Hubspot account is now configured to sync deals to Spinify when they enter the dealstage you've specified for the Zap.

You can now create a leaderboard with these records.

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