How to upgrade your existing Slack integration to use the newest version of our Slack app

In order to use our new features with your Slack integration, you'll need to disable your Slack integration in Spinify, and then create it again.

Here's how:

  • Log into MySpinify
  • Select  Account -> Integrations on the left hand menu to go to the Integrations page
  • Find the slack integration and hover your mouse over the green button and click Deactivate to disable your Slack integration.
  • Once disabled the button will turn grey and will be labeled 'Connect', click 'Connect' to create your integration with Slack again
  • If necessary, log into Slack again when prompted, and allow our app to access your workspace

You've now upgraded to the latest version of our Slack app and can access the new features.

Note: disabling your integration will not affect the mapping of your external users. Once the slack integration is enabled again, Spinify will use your previous user mappings.

And if you'd like to update your Slack user mapping in Spinify, simply click the settings cog on the slack integration card on the integrations page.

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