How To Integrate Spinify with Intercom

After creating your Spinify Account  you will want your data to come across from Intercom automatically. You can get your Spinify account integrated with Intercom in just a couple of steps.

1. Go to the integrations page

  • Log into MySpinify - 
  • From the left hand menu click "Settings" then click "Integrations"

2. Connect Intercom with Spinify


  • Choose "Connect" on the Intercom Integration
  • An Intercom Authorization page will be displayed asking for you to grant permissions to Spinify.  We do not write any data to Intercom.
  • Select "Connect"

3. Intercom is now integrated

  • The "Connect" button will become "Deactivate" which means your Intercom account has been connected with Spinify.
  • You can now setup leaderboards using Intercom.  If you have not created a leaderboard yet check out Create a Leaderboard.
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