How to setup Excel spreadsheets for Spinify leaderboards

1. Configure an Excel spreadsheet for leaderboards

To run a leaderboard against an Excel spreadsheet the sheet needs to have two specific columns:

  • Email Address: This column will contain the email address associated with the Spinify user.
  • Score: This column will contain the score the team member currently has in the comp. Note this column could be a formula based on other fields.

The columns can have any names as you will specify which column contains the information when you create the leaderboard.

Simple setup:


(This spreadsheet would allow you to create 2 leaderboards. The first would be on the number of sales using "Email" and "Sales #" columns and the second leaderboard would use the "Email" and "Sales $" columns to create a dollar value leaderboard. More information on creating multiple leaderboards from a single Excel spreadsheet here.

2. Create A Leaderboard

When creating a leaderboard on an Excel spreadsheet choose “Excel Data” under the goal option.

You will then be prompted to choose the Sheet from your Microsoft OneDrive account, along with the columns that relate to the Email and Score the team member has.


The rest of the process for creating a leaderboard is the same. 

Further details on creating a leaderboard are found here.

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