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You must have at least two active competitions. Need help creating your single metric competitions? See this article

1. Start a New Multimetric Leaderboard

  • Log into your MySpinify account
  • From the left-hand menu click "Competitions" then click "Multimetrics"
  • Next, click the "Add Multimetric Leaderboard" button
  • Choose your Multimetric Leaderboard Type

2. Setup Your Leaderboard

  • Sidekick can do the creative heavy lifting for you. Simply select your desired persona, and Sidekick will get to work generating names for your multimeric leaderboard:
  • Otherwise, if you'd prefer to create your own, give your new multimetric leaderboard a namemceclip1.png
  • Next, select the single metric competitions that you'd like to usemceclip2.png
  • Once you're happy with the metrics selected, click 'Create Multimetric'

Helpful Notes About Creating A Multimetric

  • The first competition selected is the primary metric
  • All multimetric leaderboards require at least 2 metrics with the maximum number of metrics allowed determined by the theme selected (For instance, the Show 2 leaderboards side by side theme can have a maximum of 2 leaderboards)

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