Spinify Local Score Achievements

Achievements for Leaderboards using Spinify Local Scores can be created a little differently to other achievements. If you have not created an Achievement yet take a look at the What are Achievements help article first.

1. Create / Edit leaderboard

If you have not created a leaderboard yet check out Create a Leaderboard.

  • If you are creating a leaderboard make sure to remember the text you add in Target Name (circled in the image below).
  • If you are checking a created leaderboard you can edit a leaderboard and check the Target Name (circled in the image below).

'Target Name' field is how you will track you Achievement so you will want to make it unique for your leaderboard.


2. Create Your Achievement

Once you've created or checked your Leaderboard, you can begin creating your new Achievement.

  • From the left hand menu click "Announcements" then click "Achievements"
  • Either edit an existing Achievement or create a new one.  
  • Choose 'Local Scores' for the Trigger. 

For the Trigger filters you want to choose:

  • 'TargetName is {Target name on leaderboard }

Here's an example based on the Target Name set in the above image:

The Achievement will track itself against points gained on that Leaderboard, and any others using the same 'Target Name'. Alternatively, you can exclude the 'TargetName' filter from your Achievement to make it track against all Leaderboards using Spinify Local Scores.

Next you will want to finish creating your Achievement as normal. Its recommended to add another filter to match on something like 'Score; 'is greater than' '100' so that participants will only get an Achievement if they reach a certain score on the leaderboard.

If you want more information on Achievements check out What are Achievements

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