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Achievements for Leaderboards using Google Sheet Data can be created a little differently to other achievements. If you have not created an Achievement yet take a look at the What are Achievements help article first.

 Google Sheets with Achievements work off of the Leaderboards that you have created.  We recommend using the Target Name field and the Amount field for setting up your Achievements.

The Target Name is the name of the column you selected when you created a Leaderboard, and the Amount is the number you are entering per participant in your Google Sheet for their score.

Create a Leaderboard

Note: If you want to create an Achievement for an existing leaderboard check your google sheet connected to find the name of the column being used for the score of your existing leaderboard and continue from Creating Achievement below.

  • When you are choosing the goal make sure to choose a google sheet and when selecting the "Which column contains the users score?" remember the name chosen.

In this example, there is a Google Sheet "Daily Calls Spreadsheet" that has columns "Email" and "Successful Calls". So in this case make sure to remember "Successful Calls"


Create Achievement

  • From the left hand menu click "Announcements" then click "Achievements"
  • Either edit an existing Achievement or create a new one.
  • Enter the name of your Achievement 
  • Choose 'Google Sheet Data' for the Trigger. 

Now for the Trigger filters you want to choose 

  • First box -'TargetName'
  • Second box - 'is'
  • Third box - Enter your Leaderboards Target Name (in this case "Successful Calls")

We recommend using is greater than or equals for Amounts. 
Hers an example for a google sheet leaderboard with a target name of "Successful Calls" having an achievement for reaching 15 calls.


The Achievement will track itself against points gained on that Leaderboard, and any others using the same 'Target Name'. Alternatively, you can not choose the 'TargetName' filter for your Achievement to make it track against all Leaderboards based on Google Sheet Data.

Next you will want to finish creating your Achievement as normal. If you want more information on Achievements check out What are Achievements

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