Sometimes you need to show different data to different teams or offices.  Spinify allows you to setup Channels, which allows you to create a custom list of content to be shown on one screen. You can setup multiple Channels so that you can run multiple TVs in your office and show different data at the same time.

If you haven't got your TV ready yet or would like some ideas on showing Spinify on your TV check out the help article Setup Spinify On Your Office TV first.

How it works

You can create many Channels in your Spinify account, selecting a combination of Leaderboards, Messages, Dashboards, and much more, to be displayed on the Channel. There is also the option to just run everything on a TV by using the default 'Show All' channel. 

Note you may have multiple Channels show the same content if you would like, increasing the focus on that particular item.

Create A New Channel

To create a new channel you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Open The Create Channel Page


  • Click the "Add Channel" button at the top right of the page


2. Configure the Channel

  • Choose a name for your channel - this is what you will refer to the channel in lists to make it easier to know where it should be loaded.  eg Sales Channel, Support Channel.
  • Select if you want the channel to use a TV URL. For more information on TV URL check out this help article.
  • Select which Leaderboards, Dashboards, Messages etc. you will display on the channel.  
  • Click the "Create Channel" button at the bottom once done

Note: If any content is removed or deleted, it will automatically be removed from the TV displaying it.

Any newly added content will require you to add it to the Channel before it will display.  

3. Edit the Channel

To edit a Channel, select the Edit link located under the cog from the Channels page.


The edit process is the same as setting up the Channel originally, simply set the name,  then add/remove any content that you would like.  Note if some content is no longer available (e.g. A leaderboard that has ended or been deleted) it will not appear on this list anymore.

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