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How to Remove Users from Spinify

Removing Individual Users

Spinify is amazing for getting everyone involved and motivated! But, if there's ever a time you need to remove a user from Spinify we've made the process quick and easy for you.

  • Start by logging into your MySpinify admin account
  • Then, on the left-hand menu, click the "Users" icon. This will take you to the Users page where you can view the list of your users in Spinify


  • Find the user you'd like to delete in the Users list
  • Click the settings cog on the right side of the table on their row and select "Delete":
🙌Simple as that!🙌


Bulk Removing Users

While we don't currently have a bulk delete option, if you did accidentally import a large number of users that you don't want, please click the “💬 Help” icon on the bottom right of the page to chat with our Customer Success Team. While on chat, you can send us a list of email addresses of the unwanted users, and we'll take care of removing them for you! 🎉

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