Add / Link Salesforce Users

**PLEASE NOTE - You must have Salesforce Administrator privileges on your account to perform this action.

Adding users from your Salesforce account and linking users from your Salesforce account to your Spinify users is super simple. Read on to get to your Spinify app and add / Link users.

If you have a lot of users you would like to create in Spinify, check out Bulk Create Users Linked To Salesforce.


You should already have the Salesforce Spinify App installed in your Salesforce Instance.

If you need assistance with this - view our help article on Installing Salesforce

Step 1 Login to Salesforce as an admin

Step 2 Switch to Spinify App

In Lightning

  • Go to the App Launcher
  • Select "Spinify" app.

In Classic

  • Choose the App Drop down
  • Select "Spinify" app.

Step 3 - Get to the users page

  • Select "Setup Users" in the "Manage Users" box.

Step 4 - Add / Link Users

On this page you can see all users that are in your Spinify account. If there is any users in your Spinify account that are not linked to a Salesforce user that match then you can click 'link' on their row in the 'Action' column.

To add users from your Salesforce account to your Spinify account click 'Add User'


From here you can lookup a Salesforce user and choose their license. Click the 'Save' button once you have chosen your user and their license.

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