If you have ever looked at your leaderboards and wondered if you could personalize them that little bit more by doing something like changing the logo to yours? Well the answer is yes! Yes you can.

  • Log into MySpinify - https://my.spinify.com 
  • From the left hand menu click "Settings" to go to the settings page


  • Then click the 'Company Settings' tab


From this page you can now change your account settings, Check through the below titles for the option you would like to change.

To update your company logo click "Choose file" underneath your current logo and choose a file. You can interact with the preview window of your logo by using the mouse in the window and on the blue dots on its corners and sides to resize the logos area. The mouse wheel will zoom in or out the given area for your logo making it easy to put any shaped or sized logo into MySpinify. Checkout How to change the Spinify logo to my company logo? for more information.

Note: Updating the logo will take a few minutes for it to update on your TVs. Manually refreshing the TVs will update the logo straight away.

Update Currency

You can also change how currencies and player names should display throughout MySpinify. Checkout Change the currency sign for your account for more information.

Change Name Display

You can change the name displayed for users by changing the drop down for "How Would You Like To Display Players?". Checkout How to Set User Naming Conventions for more information.

Change Spinify TV Box Transparency

You can change the transparency of your TV boxes, by sliding the button from the left to right, examples as below. 


Checkout Change TV panel opacity for more information.

Change TV Font

You can choose from the drop down for "What font would you like to display on the TVs?". This allows you to choose from one of our many fonts to make your TV that little bit more personalized. Checkout Change the font on your Spinify TV content for more information.

Change Profile (Tale Of The Tape) Design

Scroll down to the bottom of 'Company Settings', you will see the options to update the font and only show the Points the person has earned for the Participant Profile screen. Check out Player Profile screen ( Tale Of The Tape) for more details.


Choose a user to receive reward store purchase notifications

Choosing a specific user here will cause reward store purchase notifications to be sent to only that user


Reset Gamification

This will reset the gamification score for all users to 0 and remove any earned badges or tiers.

Custom tiers and badges that have been setup will remain and will be awarded again as the users gain points. Checkout Reset Gamification Points for more information.

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