Invite users to login to Spinify

Once you have finished creating your users you can invite them to log into MySpinify and the mobile device App. This way they can view leaderboards, notifications, points, badges and more anywhere and at anytime. If you haven't created your users check out the article How to add a User.

  • From the left hand menu click "Users" then click "Users"

Then you can do either of the following

  • Send individual users an invitation by clicking "Send Invitation" on each user row that you want to receive an invitation email.
  • Send invites to a selection of users or to all users by clicking "Send Bulk Invites" which will take you to a new screen to do this.
  • On the bulk invites page simply click on each check box for the row with the users you want to invite or press the check box at the top to select all users 
  • Press "Send Invite Emails" at the bottom of the page once done

Once you have sent the email then the users you sent invitations to will be able to create their password and login to MySpinify and the mobile apps. This article details some more on their setup User Onboarding Help.


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