First off if you have not connected your desired integration to your Spinify account yet do this first as some integrations will import your users automatically. Read our helpful Integrations docs for more info.

With Spinify you can either add users individually or follow the below steps to bulk add users:

1) Open The Users Page In MySpinify

2) Download Template CSV

  • At the top right of the users page click the button "Lots of users to add?"
  • In the menu that popped up click "Download User Template" 

3) Update the Template CSV

  • Open the file you just downloaded "SpinifyBulkUser.csv"

Note: You can easily open a CSV by putting it into your google drive and opening it there with google sheets.

  • Fill in the CSV with your all the users following the column names to fill in the correct data in the correct columns
  • Once you have added all your users save the file (Make sure it is saved as a CSV)

4) Upload the Template CSV

  • In MySpinify click "Send your file to us"

If you closed the pop up simply click  the button "Lots of users to add?" again on the users page.

  • Locate your "SpinifyBulkUser.csv" file and choose it

Done! Now in a couple minutes all your users you added to the CSV will be imported into Spinify.

Now you can go on to Create a Leaderboard or setup some teams.

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