How to add music videos for players

Admins and players can now select a music video that will play when an achievement is triggered.


Any achievement that will use a player's custom music video must be configured to use the user's celebration sound.

First, log into MySpinify

As an admin:

  • Go to the Users page by selecting Users -> Users from the left hand menu


  • Either edit an existing user by clicking their row in the list, or select 'Add User' to add a new user


Or as a player:

  • Click the menu next to your avatar in the top right corner
  • Select My User to edit your profile



  • On the Achievements section at the bottom, select the first dropdown and choose Music video
  • On the second dropdown, either leave the selection on custom YouTube URL if you'd like to select your own music video, or click the dropdown to select one of our pre-configured options

If you'd like to select your own YouTube URL:

  • Go to
  • Search or browse to the video you'd like to use on YouTube
  • Then click share
  • This will bring up the sharing modal:
  • If desired, set a custom start time for your video by ticking the checkbox next to 'Start at' and setting the time
  • Next, click COPY to copy the link into your clipboard
  • In MySpinify on the User form, paste the link into the the text field labeled, 'Paste YouTube URL here'

Please note: the user's custom achievement will only be used for achievements that are configured to play the user's achievement sound. 

To learn more about configuring achievements, please see this article.

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