Salesforce App Setup

**PLEASE NOTE - You must have Salesforce Administrator privileges on your account to perform this action.

The purpose of the Spinify App is to sync various objects to your Spinify account to use on leaderboards and reports. 

1. Install Salesforce App

First, install the Spinify app from the Salesforce AppExchange


2. Switch to Spinify App

Once the installation is complete, launch the Spinify app

In Lightning

  • Go to the App Launcher
  • Select "Spinify" app.

In Classic

  • Choose the App Drop down
  • Select "Spinify" app.

3. Connect Salesforce to Spinify

Connect to an existing Spinify account by clicking the "Sign In" option on the page or create a new Spinify account.

4. Add Salesforce Users to Spinify

Now you can add your Salesforce users to your Spinify account by clicking 'Add User'. 
You can bulk upload your users if you have a lot of them, simply follow the instructions in this helpful article Bulk Create Users Linked To Salesforce.

Note: If you create a user just in Spinify and do not setup the user in Salesforce they will not be linked with Salesforce records. This means they cant get any points on leaderboards you create using Salesforce fields.


Once you've got all the users you want set up, click 'Next' to continue.

Sync Salesforce Data

Once you have completed adding users in the steps above the sync process will begin.  This will start syncing some historic data to be used in leaderboards, once this is done it will update any records after they get updated.

There is a default mapping of Salesforce objects to Spinify.  

Salesforce App Settings

You'll now be taken to the setup page in Salesforce, which allows you to manage your account.


Set up your Spinify Users

By setting up users you can link your Salesforce users to existing Spinify users if the email addresses match, or create new Spinify users from Salesforce users.

Note: You need to link your Salesforce users to Spinify so that any data synced with Spinify has the record owner linked to the right user so they appear on the leaderboard correctly.

Remember, If you create a user just in Spinify and do not setup the user in Salesforce they will not be linked with the records.

Setup Data Mappings

You can customize which objects and fields are mapped to Spinify fields.  There is a default mapping that gets created when the app is installed and this covers most setups.

If you would like to customize the object/fields you will go into the Advanced Sync. The help article Customizing Salesforce Fields goes into more detail on this.

Set the syncing user

When you install the Spinify app in Salesforce it uses the installing user to query and send the objects/fields to Spinify.

If you need to change this to a user with permission to view more fields/records, or if the user is no longer active you will need to update the syncing user.

To do this, login to Salesforce as the user you want to use to sync data, and click the "Set Sync User to Current User" button.  Note this user will need to be setup in Spinify as well.

Checkout Your Leaderboards

You can navigate to the Leaderboards tab to check out your current leaderboards you are participating in.

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