Common Google Sheet Sync Issues FAQ

If you are missing data from the leaderboard and think there are issues with the Google Sheet sync process have a look at the common solutions our customers find solve the problem.

Leaderboard Has No Scores

Leaderboard is in "Draft"

  • If the leaderboard is not active and is currently in draft mode, then scores will not sync from Google Sheets.  Once the leaderboard has been activated and is in progress will Google Sheets update the leaderboard positions.

Email Address Mismatch

  • The email address entered on the google sheet must match the users email address in Spinify.

Participant Not Added to Leaderboard

  • The email address added to the google sheet must match a participants email who has been added to the leaderboard in Spinify.

Delays with Google

  • Occasionally Google has delays in sending the updated data.  Please wait five minutes to see if the data syncs.

Invalid Values

  • Make sure that your score column in the google sheet is a Number. Using number formats such as Percentage will make your numbers very different on your Spinify Leaderboard. You can do this by selecting the score column and using the top menu select Format -> Number -> Number.

Incorrect Column Name

  • Do not change the google sheet column names once they are being used for a leaderboard, Spinify pulls in the score based on the column and if this gets changed it won't be able to pull in the score.
  • Make sure your column names are unique to avoid confusion when selecting the columns.

Re-enabling Google Sheets Integration after disabling it

  • Disabling the Google Sheets integration breaks the link between an existing leaderboard and the google sheet it is running on.
  • To fix this, first re-enable your Google Sheets Integration
  • Then you'll need to edit your leaderboard and select the sheet / columns that you'd like to use again.

Trouble Creating Google Sheet Leaderboard

Column Names in First Row?

  • The column names must be in the first row of the google sheet to be choose able when creating the leaderboard. 

First sheet

  • Spinify can only read data from the first sheet in your spreadsheet. You can verify this by clicking the hamburger icon in the bottom left of your spreadsheet and ensure the sheet you want to create leaderboards from is at the top of the list. In the below screen shot Spinify will use the columns from 'sheet 1'.

Note: If you have any questions jump on the chat in MySpinify or on our website

Sheet Name Changed?

  • Our google sheets integration uses the sheet name to determine which sheet to use
  • Changing the name  of a sheet will cause the data to stop syncing to leaderboards running on that sheet
  • Either change the name of the sheet back or update the goal section on leaderboards using the sheet to use the new name by editing the affected leaderboards.

Google Sheet Not Being Updated?

  • The Sheet must be updated within Google Drive for the Google to notify Spinify of the change.
  • Please ensure that your score / email columns are not in a protected range. Protecting these columns will prevent score updates from syncing to Spinify.
  • For instance, if data is pulled into the sheet using the IMPORTRANGE function to update the sheet with data from another document then this doesn't actually change the file modified date
  • Updating your sheet this way will Google will not notify Spinify of the change so the updated information will not sync to Spinify
  • Please note that data may be pulled in from other tabs within the same document without affecting the sync.
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