In MySpinify you will notice once you create some leaderboards they have a status. Each of these are part of the life cycle for the leaderboard.

You can toggle between your leaderboards that are in different statuses using the drop down at the top of the Leaderboards page



When creating leaderboards you can set them to be draft which will make them not count any scores and won't show on the TV till you activate them.


These are the leaderboards that have not started yet, so they have a starts at in the future. Once they have started they will move across to the In Progress list

In Progress

These are your running/live leaderboards. Any leaderboard in this status is available to put onto your TV and will be able to get scores.


Leaderboards in Done have finished, meaning their ends at is now in the past. You can only view, clone or delete done leaderboards.

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