Open Score Cards Page

  • Log into MySpinify - 
  • From the left hand menu click "Coach" then click "Score Cards"

Check Score Cards Page

How to use: The score card can be used to track on how each player is performing in certain areas. These are broken down into 3 areas:

View more details on users

On the right hand side of each users row you will see a cog, you can click this and click 'view' or click the row. This will give you the opportunity to view each players details. 

Once viewing a player you can see the breakdown of their performances in current leaderboards, their gamification stats along with the performance grid stats. 

In the top right hand side there is EDIT USER button - once in this page you can then amend the players details. Avatars can be used or profile pictures can be uploaded along with a new sound to be uploaded if you wish when the player has achieved a set outcome. For some more information on editing users check out How to Add a User.

Next to the EDIT USER button is ADJUST POINTS. If you click this button you can add or subtract points for the user your are viewing. For more information on this check out Adjust User Gamification Points.

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