1) let's create your leaderboard - you can check out how to do this below:

Create leaderboard

2)  Once you have gone through and completed all the required fields when creating your leaderboard and you have reached the bottom of the screen you will have the option to 'Keep leaderboard as draft' - tick this and then click create leaderboard


3) You you have created your leaderboard and kept it as a draft you will be able to view it by clicking on Competitions > leaderboards and then near the top of the screen a 'Status' drop-down section where you can select draft - it will then take you to all your draft leaderboards!


4) Once you are in the draft leaderboard section of MySpinify - you will be able to view all your draft leaderboards on the right hand side you can select the drop-down option and this will give you the ability to activate your leaderboard, or edit, clone or Delete it by using the icons at the end of the row!


Note: You can always turn a draft leaderboard into an active leaderboard BUT you can not turn an active leaderboard into a draft.

Enjoy - have FUN!!!

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