The Spinify Salesforce app syncs data on a schedule and pushes data out of Salesforce. Spinify does not connect or have access to our customers API's. All data connections originate from Salesforce. Our app has two sections.

  1. As an admin you choose the objects and fields you want to push from Salesforce to Spinify. Any other field or value we do not query or transmit. You can choose which user the Spinify Salesforce app will sync with if you want to take the field level security to the next level.
  2. Reps will be able to view the Spinify leaderboards from Salesforce, to accomplish this the Salesforce app will query our API to provide the most up to date information on the leaderboards. As stated previously we do not push any data to Salesforce.

Checkout the help articles around Salesforce and the objects Spinify syncs by default - Integrate with Salesforce.


The Spinify Salesforce app is hosted on the Salesforce AppExchange and has gone through Security Code Reviews using the Salesforce code scanner, this is in addition to the code coverage tests required by Salesforce. The app was originally listed in 2016 and has since gone through a number of code scans and security reviews as Spinify updated versions have been released.

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