How to set up Trailhead in Salesforce

**PLEASE NOTE - You must have Salesforce Administrator privileges on your account to perform this action.

Follow these steps to send your user's Trailhead data to Spinify:

  • Install Trail Tracker into your Salesforce instance
  • Configure Trail Tracker by following this Installation Guide
  • Go to the Custom Sync Page (accessed from Spinify Setup -> Setup Sync )
  • Select 'TrailHeadBadge' in the Customize Record dropdown and then click the Configure Mapping button:
  • On the TrailHeadBadgeMapping page, match these settings:
  • Click Save
  • Next, Select 'TrailheadTrailMix' in the Customize Record dropdown, then click the Configure Mapping:
  • On the TrailheadTrailMix mapping page, match these settings:
  • Click Save

That's it, now you're all setup to start syncing your user's Trailmix data into Salesforce.

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