Agentbox Connected Objects

To pull specific data on property information from Agentbox these are the fields you can use.

Type = Lease or Sale
Status = Appraisal, Presentation, Pending,  Available, Conditional, Unconditional, Settled, Leased, Withdrawn, Archived

Note: Status of Pending is equivalent to Offline in Agentbox

There is also other fields such as the number of BathroomsBedroomsGarages, etc that you can use to create some diverse leaderboards with.

Standard Leaderboards

Property's Appraised Leaderboard

AppraisalDate is within Leaderboard duration

Property's Listed Leaderboard

ListedDate is within Leaderboard duration
Optional: Also use 'Status is Pending' or Status is Available' to specify if the listing should be counted if it is Available or not.

Property's Unconditional Leaderboard

UnconditionalDate is within Leaderboard duration

Property's Sold Leaderboard

SettledDate is within Leaderboard duration

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