Intercom Connected Objects

After you connect your Intercom account to Spinify the following fields from the Conversation object are linked for you to use when creating leaderboards.


  • CreatedAt - The time the conversation was created
  • LastUpdated - The last time the conversation was updated
  • WaitingSince - The last time a customer responded to an admin
  • SnoozedUntil - Time in the future that a snoozed conversation will be marked as open (i.e. it will be in a snoozed state until this time).
  • Owner - The admin a conversation is currently assigned too. Note: setting it to "nobody_admin" indicates the conversation is unassigned
  • Open - Boolean value that indicates whether a conversation is open (true) or closed (false)
  • Read - Boolean value that indicates whether a conversation has been read
  • State - Can be  ["open", "closed", "snoozed"]
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