How to use a single Excel spreadsheet with multiple leaderboards

With Spinify, it's possible to use a single Excel spreadsheet as a data source for multiple leaderboards. To do this, follow the steps below. Alternatively, create a new spreadsheet for each leaderboard.

1. Make sure Excel is integrated.

Make sure you have integrated Excel with Spinify. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Integrations page and make sure it says Connected.

 If you haven't please follow the instructions in the How to integrate Spinify with Excel

2. Create an Excel spreadsheet in your Microsoft OneDrive account

If you haven't already created at least one spreadsheet, you can find an example in the How To Setup Excel spreadsheets for Spinify Leaderboards article.

For each leaderboard, you'll need to add an additional column to use for the relevant scores on each leaderboard. For example, you may want to track the number of deals made and the total value of the deals.

So, the Excel spreadsheet could look like this:


Note: You cannot create multiple leaderboards using separate spreadsheets within the same Excel spreadsheet, you must either use separate columns in a single sheet or create a new sheet for each leaderboard. 

3. Create Leaderboards using Different Excel spreadsheet columns

When creating a leaderboard on an Excel Spreadsheet choose “Excel Data” under the goal option.

For each leaderboard, choose a different column. For additional help with this you can follow How To Setup Excel Spreadsheets for Spinify Leaderboards or reach out to us on chat.

Note: If you have not created MySpinify users yet you can follow this Article about How To Add Users.


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