Allow players to enter their own score using local scores


  • You must have already created a local scores leaderboard and added your players to it. Learn more about creating a local scores leaderboard here.
  • Your players must be invited to Spinify so they can use their accounts to log into MySpinify as players. Learn more about how to invite your players to log into MySpinify here.

Once you've created a local scores leaderboard and added players to it, allowing them to enter their own scores is very easy:

  • Log into MySpinify as a player
  • Next, select 'Leaderboards' from the left hand menu to go to the leaderboards list
  • Click the settings cog next to a local scores leaderboard in the list and select 'Update Scores' to go to the score update page for that dash.
  • Update your score (players are only allowed to edit their own score).
  • Click the 'Update Scores' button to submit your changes
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