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How to Add Custom Objects to Your API Integration

Once you've decided on your requirements, please contact our support team via chat via the “💬 Help” icon on the bottom right of this page. Then provide us with the object name you'd like to use, any custom field names that you'd like to use with your object, and their data type. 

The available types are [String, Date, Datetime, Number, Boolean]

We'll add the field to your integration, the data in your custom object will then be available to use with your API integration in MySpinify.

Each custom object will have 4 required fields automatically added:

Name Type Is Required
ObjectID string
Name string
Owner string
LastUpdated datetime
  • ObjectID - String - A unique identifier in the original system. Used for updating the record at a later date.
  • Name - String - A descriptive field for the record.
  • Owner - String - Links to the user record in Spinify, eg their email address
  • LastUpdated - Datetime - The datetime in UTC when the record was last updated. Used to determine if the data sent is the most up to date.
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