What is the Winner screen?


The Winner screen will show up once the leaderboard has ended and will keep showing for a default of one day after the leaderboard has ended.

What Can I Change On The Winner Screen?

While editing or creating a leaderboard you can turn on or off the Winner screen and even change its showing time.

If you want some more information on creating a leaderboard check out How to create your own Leaderboard.

Edit a Leaderboard

  • Log into MySpinify - https://my.spinify.com 
  • From the left hand menu click "Competitions" then click "Leaderboards"
  • From the leaderboards page you can either click the "Add Leaderboard" button at the top right or edit an existing leaderboard by clicking the cog on the row of the leaderboard you want to edit and click "Edit" in the drop down.


  • Advance to the 'Announcements Page' by clicking the next button
  • leaderboard-announcements.gif
  • Adjust the settings for the Winner screen

In these extra options revealed by the "Toggle Options" button you can check on or off for the Winner screen to show for this leaderboard and change how long the Winner screen will show for each time it appears. Additionally you can change if the Motivational text (the text with the thumbs up icon on it) will show and what Trophy Type should show.

  • Once you're satisfied with the settings for your leaderboard click "Create Leaderboard".

For more articles on leaderboards checkout out Leaderboards.

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