Leaderboard milestone achievements

Milestone achievements help automatically celebrate your player's progress as they progress towards their target on a leaderboard, when they move into first place, and when they hit their target.

Milestone achievements will appear in any channel your leaderboards are added to, and they will also appear in the Launch All channel.

Unless you've already disabled milestone achievements on a leaderboard, they're already enabled with the 'Celebrate lots' option which enables all the milestone achievements.

The other settings options are:

  • 'Important Only' which enables only the achievements for when a player moves into first place and for meeting the target.
  • 'No' which disables all milestone achievements.

You can modify your settings or disable milestone achievements by editing an existing leaderboard:

  • Login to MySpinify as an admin
  • Select Competitions -> Leaderboards on the left hand menu to go to the Leaderboard page
  • Go to edit the leaderboard you'd like to adjust milestone achievement settings for


  • Advance to the Announcements section by clicking the Next button or go directly to the page by clicking the Announcements page icon: mceclip0.png
  • Select your preferred option on the dropdown under Milestone Celebrations
  • Click 'Save' to update your leaderboard

Now your milestone achievements are enabled.

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