The Image Screen allows you to add any image or photograph into your channels.

  • Log into MySpinify - https://my.spinify.com 
  • From the left hand menu click "Announcements" then click "Messages"


  • Click the "Add Message" button at the top right of the page


  • Click the box that says "Image"


  • Choose one of the Spinify images, or upload your own custom image by selecting the type to be image and choosing 'Upload a Custom Background'. 

Note: If you want to fit the image perfectly your image should be 16:9 ratio. So a resolution of 1920x1080 is optimal.

  • You can also choose one or more channels to add your image on, but this step isn't compulsory.
  • Click the 'Create Image' button.

Your image will now be shown in any channels you added it to, or you can add it to more channels from the 'Channels' page.

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