Spinify solves the problem of engaging, motivating and coaching staff to do more of the activities that matter to achieve your business results.  A Performance Grid will help you map staff performance on a Grid and identify coaching opportunities (by Quadrant) to uplift their activities and outcomes. It will also aid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in your metric setting and leaderboard management.

The Spinify Performance grid is designed to make assessment of your staff's performance much easier. If you would like some additional information check out our blog post How to Coach Using a Performance Grid.

1. Start a New Performance Grid

  • Log into MySpinify - https://my.spinify.com 
  • From the left hand menu click "Coaching"
  • Click the "Add Performance Grid" button in the top right

2. Choose the leaderboards to include

With the Performance Grid you have the option to add leaderboards as Activities or Outcomes. Activities are things like Calls, Emails, Meetings, etc. Outcomes are the benefit you get from doing the Activities such as Sales, Properties Sold, etc.

Leaderboards that are Recurring and have a target are available to be added to the performance grid. There's no limit to the number of leaderboards that can be added to the performance grid. 


3. Save and view the Performance Grid.

The performance grid is available immediately after it's been created which will allow you to begin analyzing employee performance immediately. 

Note that data won't be available if all Leaderboards in the grid have been running for less than 2 days. This is to allow the system enough time to generate a better perspective of each User's performance.

After you press the "Create Performance Grid" button you will be immediately redirected to the grid.

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