What are messages

Messages are used by managers to send announcements to users in Spinify in the message banner and will also appear in TV channels.

Where Messages Will Appear

Your messages will appear on the TV in any channels that they have been added to and in the message banner in MySpinify.

All message types can be added to a channel and will appear on the TV.

The message banner will show all messages of the following types:

  • Announcement
  • Countdown
  • Motivational Quotes
  • COVID-19 Awareness
  • Weather

Messages do not need to be added to a channel to appear in the message banner.

Message Banner

When players or admins log into MySpinify, they will see a message banner at the top of their overview page:



Message Types

There are several message types to choose from, including:


Announcements can be used to send special congratulations to the team for hitting targets, or reminding them of corporate events.  You can also bring one team or team member to everyone's attention and have their details and a message shown about that rep on all the TVs as a personal congratulations.


These messages will display a message and a countdown to a specific date and time. They're great for creating a sense of urgency or tracking the approach of a deadline.


You can choose any publicly accessible webpage, and it will appear in your TV channel.


This message type will play the YouTube video of your choice every time it appears in you TV channel.


Choose or upload an image file that will appear in your TV channel.


Get creative and make your own meme with our Meme generator. Either upload your own image or use one from our image library and enter your message to create your own meme.

Motivational Quotes

Every time this message appears it will display a different motivational quote

COVID-19 Awareness

This message type will display helpful information from the World Health Organization about preventing the spread of coronavirus. Every time it appears, it will display a different slide.


This message type will display the current weather conditions and an hourly forecast for a selected location. You can select a location when creating this message.


How to Create a Message

  • Log into MySpinify - https://my.spinify.com 
  • From the left hand menu click "Announcements" then click "Messages"


  • Click the "Add Message" button at the top right of the page


  • Click the box that says "Text"


  • Enter in a Title and Message to be displayed on the TV. The title is optional
  • Optionally you can choose yourself as the sender of the message and who the message is to. This is to give a personal touch to the message or a shout out for a job well done to a specific team or team member.
  • Next you can choose the background for your message. You can set either a video or an image and choose the style you want.

Note: If you upload an image and want it to fit nicely your image should be a 16:9 ratio. So a resolution of 1920x1080 is optimal.

  • Before creating your message make sure you have chosen the duration of your message. You may want this message to be on the TV always or just for this week, its up to you.
  • You can also add your message to channels you have currently running.
  • Once your satisfied with how your message looks simply click "Create Message".

Note: Check out the preview on the bottom right of the page to see how your message will look before creating it.

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