Bulk Create Users Linked To Salesforce

When you integrate with Salesforce you can either add users individually from Salesforce to be added to Spinify, add users to Spinify with the same email as your Salesforce users and link them or bulk create users in Spinify that will automatically link to your Salesforce users.

To bulk add users to Spinify that automatically link to your Salesforce users simply follow these steps.

Prerequisite: Must have Salesforce integrated with your Spinify account
If you don't have Salesforce integrated follow this article - 
Salesforce App Setup

1 ) Open The Users Page In MySpinify


2 ) Download Template CSV

  • At the top right of the users page click the button "Upload CSV"


3 ) Update the Template CSV

  • Open the file you just downloaded "SpinifySalesforceBulkUser.csv"
  • Fill in the CSV with your all the users you would like linked to your Salesforce users
  • Save your updated CSV with all your users you want added

You can find your Salesforce Org Id by following instructions from Salesforce - Locate my Salesforce Organization ID

You can find your Salesforc User Id's by following instructions from Salesforce - Locate a Salesforce User ID

Note: We support 15 and 18 digit user id's

4 ) Upload the Template CSV

  • In MySpinify click "Send your file to us"


If you closed the pop up simply click  the button "Lots of users to add?" again on the users page.

  • Locate your "SpinifySalesforceBulkUser.csv" file and choose it

Done! Now if you give Spinify a couple minutes all your users you added to the CSV will be added to Spinify and if their details match your Salesforce users they will be linked to your Salesforce users.

Now you can go on to Create a Leaderboard or setup some teams.

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