You will need to create a Spinify user for any person that you want to appear on Leaderboards. Below is how you can create each individual user. If you have a lot of users scroll to the bottom and start from the heading "Lots of users to add?"

Note: This process is different for Salesforce Integrations - see Salesforce steps at the bottom of this article.

1. Go to the Users page

  • Log into MySpinify - 
  • From the left hand menu click "Users" to go to the "Users" tab


  • Select "Add User" in the top right of the page

2. Create New User


First enter the details of your new user

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email (keep in mind that integrations require your users to have the same email in MySpinify as they do in your chosen integrations)

Now you need to choose a license. There are three License types "Admin", "Player" and "Fan". 

  • Admins have the same privileges as players but can also create new leaderboards and turn features on and off
  • Players can participate in Leaderboards and use the phone app
  • Fans are view only participants that can be added to leaderboards for visibility but are not a part of the competitions

You can also check on or off to send email invitation to user. If you check this on, when you create the user they will be sent an invitation email to login.



Next is to choose an avatar for your new user. You can either upload a photo of the user (circled in the image above), choose from one of 160+ pre-made avatars, or have Spinify assign an avatar by clicking "Choose one for me!". Note that users will be able to update their avatar through the phone app later on.

Achievement Sound

Lastly, you can choose an alert sound for your user. If you have speakers attached to your TV, this will play whenever the user earns an achievement such as closing a sale. Uploading a sound personalizes the experience for your users and is recommend, however a default achievement sound will be used if you don't upload one. You can always add sounds later as well. If you need help finding a the right sound, check out our Sound Effects guide.


After pressing "Save" at the bottom of the form the new user will be created in Spinify, and available to be added to new and existing Leaderboards.

Mapping Users to External Apps

There are some additional steps for mapping users to external systems.


Note: if you have lots of Salesforce users to add check out Bulk Create Users Linked To Salesforce.

Slack / Freshdesk

  • You will need to map Slack and Freshdesk users to your new MySpinify user. To do this you will need to go to the Integrations page in MySpinify and click the cog in the top right of your integration (Slack / Freshdesk). For further details on this see the Slack Integration Article / Freshdesk Integration Article

GoogleSheets / Zendesk / Jira

  • Your MySpinify users MUST have the same email addresses as your Integration users for the integration to work.

Lots of Users to Add? 

We have a bulk CSV upload facility which will populate the users in your Spinify account. For some CRM's, such as Salesforce, MyDesktop and Agentbox when you integrate them with Spinify your users can sync across to Spinify.

Here's how to bulk upload your users:

  1. From the left hand menu click "Users" then click "Users"
  2. At the top right of the users page click 'Lots of users to add?'bulkuserupload.gif
  3. Follow the instructions in the pop up message and download the CSV template to make sure you use the correct format for uploading your users.
    Note: Not following the CSV template will result in issues with your user bulk upload so make sure to stick to the template format
  4. Once you have created your CSV with your users simply click the 'Send your file to us!' button in the pop up window and your done.
    Note: It is not instant so please give it a few minutes to get your users nice and cozy in Spinify. Refreshing your page will show you the latest added users in your account.
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