How to change the Spinify logo to my company logo?

You have noticed that the logo at the top of your leaderboards is the Spinify logo and would like to put your own there. You can most definitely do this in a few simple steps.



  • Log into MySpinify - 
  • From the left hand menu click on the cog for "Settings" settings.gifthen click "Company Settings" tab.companysettings.gif



  • In the top section "Company Branding" click the "Choose File" button
  • Locate an image of your company logo and select it
  • You can interact with the preview window of your logo by using the mouse in the window and on the blue dots on its corners and sides to resize the logos area. The mouse wheel will zoom in or out the given area for your logo making it easy to put any shaped or sized logo into MySpinify.

Note: Updating the logo will take a few minutes for it to update on your TVs. Manually refreshing the TVs will update the logo straight away. If it still has not updated on the TV checkout Image, logo, background not refreshing on the TV?

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