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To Access The Reward Store

  • Log into MySpinify as either an Admin or a Player
  • Select the reward option from the lefthand menu:
  • Click on Store

To Create Items

  • Access the store as an Admin
  • Click the add reward button
  • Enter a title, description, price in points, and (optionally) upload an image of your item
  • Click create

To Edit Items

  • Access the store as an Admin
  • Click the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner of the item (circled in red below) that you'd like to edit:
  • Adjust the settings, and click Save


To Review A Purchase Request

  • Either follow the link in the email
  • Or access the reward store as an admin
  • Select "reward list" from the dropdown menu next to your avatar in the top right-hand corner:
  • On the Reward List page, it's possible to see all pending purchase requests
  • Review your purchase requests and either approve by clicking the check icon or reject by clicking the x icon

To Limit Who Gets Purchase Request Emails

  1. Navigate to the Company Settings page
  2. At the bottom of the form choose a specific admin user to receive notifications
  3. Click on Save. Future purchase emails will be sent to this user

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