How to create a duel leaderboard

What are duel leaderboards

A duel leaderboard is a separate head to head challenge leaderboard that can be created between two participants on a currently running leaderboard that has at least one hour before the competition ends.

Once a duel leaderboard is created, the competition immediately starts, the new leaderboard is added into the same channel as the parent leaderboard, and a message appears in the channel to announce the start of the duel.

While the duel is running, scores will apply to the duel participants in exactly the same way as on the parent leaderboard but only from when the duel is created until it ends.

For instance, if a duel leaderboard that ends at 5pm is created between two players on a weekly calls completed leaderboard, then only calls that are completed by the duel participants between when the duel leaderboard is created and when the duel leaderboard ends will count towards their scores on the duel leaderboard.

Once the duel leaderboard is completed, a winner screen displaying the duel winner's name and score will remain in the channel for 6 hours.

Please note the following:

  • It is not possible to create duels on GoogleSheets, Excel, or local scores leaderboards, only 'event' based leaderboards
  • Duels can only be created on individual leaderboards
  • The person that creates the duel must be a participant on the parent leaderboard
  • The duel creator can only challenge another participant on the parent leaderboard to a duel
  • The duel can be set to end at any time that's at least one hour in the future
  • If the time the duel is set to end at is after the end of the parent leaderboard, then the duel will end at the same time as the parent leaderboard.

How to access the create a duel page as a player

  • Log into MySpinify as a player
  • Select 'Competitions' from the left hand menu to view the list of leaderboards you've joined
  • Leaderboards that you can create duels on will have an ellipsis icon next to the view icon: mceclip0.png
  • Click the ellipsis and choose the 'Create Duel'


How to create a duel as an admin

  • Log into MySpinify as an admin
  • Select a leaderboard you're participating on to view the leaderboard report
  • Then click the 'Choose Duel' icon to the right of the progress bar


How to use the create duel page

  • Select the person you'd like to challenge
  • Set a time for the duel to end at
  • Click the 'Add duel' button


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