How do I find an external id for a record?

Find your integration in the list below for examples of what external ids look like in your data source, and which object and field the external id comes from.

Once you've found the external id, you can then use it to check your Spinify leaderboard for the record you'd like to find.


  • Agentbox

Listing id.

Example values: '1P0036', '1P0035'

  • BoxDice

Listing id.

Example values: '2364', '10122'

  • Freshdesk

Case object id.

Example values: '10002', '10016'

  • HubSpot

Deal id or engagment id (for calls, tasks, notes, emails).

Example values: '1003116392', '1048864211'

  • Jira

Issue id

Example values: '10295', '10359"

  • MyDesktop

Listing id

Example values: '17893399', '17760335'

  • Pipedrive

Deal / activity / organization / person id

Example values: '1526', '1718'

  • Rex

Listing id.

Example values: '3244374', '3244786'

  • Salesforce

18 digit salesforce id of your object.

See this article for more information on 15 vs 18 digit Salesforce ids.

Example values: '5003000000D8cuIQAA', '5013000000D8cuIQAA'

  • Zendesk

Case id

Example values: '391915', '396459'

Please note that checking records is not supported for leaderboards running on data from the following sources

  • Excel

  • GoogleSheets

  • Local Scores

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