How to Install and Use the Chrome Extension

The Spinify extension brings visibility into your teams performance and helps you celebrate everyones successes!

Using this extension, you’ll be able to see when colleagues make new sales, hit new milestones, celebrate achievements and lets you stay in the loop.

The Spinify extension helps teams working from home bring the office culture into their home office. Providing you with visibility of what the whole team is accomplishing and giving you a heads up in the latest team competition to help improve your performance.

Setup the Chrome Extension

1. Install the chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store by clicking Add to Chrome and following the installation instructions: view in store.

2. Sign into the Spinify Chrome Extension. Chrome extensions appear in the top of the chrome browser (in the top right). Click on the Spinify logo and "Sign in to Spinify"


3. Follow the prompts to log into your Spinify account.

Finished! You're now ready to start celebrating with notifications of the achievements you and the team complete!

View Past Achievements

After logging in, you can click the Spinify logo / Chrome Extension to view past achievements and celebrate recent goals you and the team made while you may have been away from your computer.




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