Average score leaderboards allow players to compete on their average score. Here's how to set one up:


  1. Create a leaderboard as usual (Don't know how? See this article) or edit one of your existing leaderboards
  2. Select the Average option under What is the target? and choose the field from the event that you'd like to use to calculate the averagemceclip0.png

3. Continue to create / edit your leaderboard as usual

How Average Scores Work

When users are competing on average score, each user's score is determined by the sum of the amount field on the events that apply to their score divided by the total number of events.

For instance, if a player on a Deals Won leaderboard has 3 deals that count towards their score, one worth $10,000, another worth $20,000, a a third worth $30,000, then their score on an average score leaderboard would be $20,000:

($10,000 + $20,000 + $30,000) / 3 deals = $20,000

For a team leaderboard, it works in a very similar way. If there are 3 deals that belong to any of a team's members all apply toward's the team's score, then the team's average score is the sum of the deal values divided by 3.

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