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Leaderboard Graphs are an excellent way to keep track of performance both as a player and an admin. The Leaderboard graphs will give you insight into how the real data is tracking against the targets, and how many targets have been reached over time by both the team as a whole, and on an individual level.

Why Use Leaderboard Graphs

As an Admin

As an admin, Leaderboard Graphs are a useful Coaching tool! Viewing how your team is performing over time against their targets is a good indicator of activity trends. See who is excelling in their tasks and reward them for their efforts, or gauge who may be trailing behind and in need of a little extra attention, self-confidence, and motivation. You can also get a feel for how YOU'RE performing as an admin! If none of your competitions are performing well in the graphs, you know you may need to have a look at your metrics and targets to make sure your expectations of the team are realistic and achievable.


As a Player

There are a couple of benefits to Leaderboard Graphs for players. First, by keeping up to date on your individual and team performance by making sure your activities are meeting the targets. Second, by keeping a cheeky eye on your opponents (erm, I mean Teammates) to see what you need to do to get/stay on top of the pack! Third, by using your individual graphs to discover coaching opportunities for yourself to present to your managers (after all, who doesn't love a bit of initiative). 


Types of Leaderboard Graphs

Average % To Target

This graph is the sum of every participant's % to target, divided by the total number of participants over the entire lifecycle of the competition (including previous versions). 


Targets Reached

This graph shows the number of participants who hit their target on previous versions of the competition.


Target V Actuals Overview

This graph shows an overview of how every participant's actual data is fairing against the target over the entire lifecycle of the competition (including previous versions). 


Target V Actuals Individual Player/Team

This graph shows the individual team/players' progress over the entire lifecycle of the competition (including previous versions). 


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