Notes are completely private and only accessible by you, they're an awesome way to prepare for your Meetings! You could make a note as a reminder to yourself when there's a significant change in a player's performance, make notes about a meeting you just had, or jot down topics and ideas to talk about in your next meeting!


How to Create Notes

  • Log into your MySpinify Account
  • From the left-hand menu click the Coaching icon
  • You should automatically land on the Score Cards tab, but double-check by ensuring the "Score Cards" tab is highlighted in orange
  • Click on the player to view more information. 
  • Click on the Notes Tab
  • Click Add Note to create a new Note
  • Once satisfied with your note, click Save

Edit a Note

  • To edit a Note, click the three verticle dots on the top right of the note you need to edit
  • Then click Edit
  • When you're happy with your edit, click Save

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