How to use SUMIF to create a score summary from a list of records in a spreadsheet

Often times you'll have a list of events in a spreadsheet like this:


To run a leaderboard like this, you'll need to use the SUMIF function to add up each player's scores. Here's how to do this:

1. Add a new tab to your sheet


2. Add an Email column with each participant's email address:


3. Add a score column and start to add the SUMIF formula to the first score cell by selecting it and pressing the = key, and then typing "SUMIF(":


4. For the first parameter, switch to your other tab with the data in it and select the email address column:


5. For the next parameter, switch back to your new tab and choose the email address cell next to score cell you are entering the formula in:


6. Then for the last parameter, switch back to your data tab and choose the amount column


7. Close the function with a ')' and then press the 'Enter' key to complete the formula:


8. Drag the score formula down to fill in the score totals for all of your participants


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